Couple of new collections

Couple of new collections

It has been a while since we posted last time, or I think so. Let me check what the date on our last post is...Wow. 18th September? Can't be. Time really flies by. Well, isn't it just doing what it is supposed to do? :)

It has been, and it still is, a busy period for all of us involved with M&D at the moment. We have been able to introduce some new collections - "Hats", which right now has a line of hats and scarves sets suitable for the autumn and spring seasons (some of them really great color picks, by the way) and the "Jackets" section (I like to call them "sections", not collections, but anyway) where we currently have thrown in some great windbreaker models which should serve pretty well in windy and rainy conditions. Of course, these are under constant development and new models, especially winter ones, are coming soon to both. 

P.s. We have played with the color theme of the website a bit, drop us an email or a message on social media to tell us what do you think. 


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